Liam J. Webster


Hi, I'm Liam and I'm a creative and technical professional from the city of Sheffield in the north of England. Design was always an inspirational craft for me as far back as I can remember. Whether appreciating the extra detail in my Matchbox cars over the equivalent Corgi or the lines of the real thing in my Dad's copy of Car magazine. I began to notice the difference in the application of design because of my Dad's obsession with cars and engineering, his daily drive was a rusty old powder blue Datsun but he had a Lotus Europa in the garage, the first mass-produced mid-engined sportscar.

My dreams started to come into fruition when I finally got a Mouse (ubiquitous today but not back then) for the Sinclair Spectrum and I could connect with my ideas much more quickly. By the end of the 80's I was remembering the editorial styles of my early years consuming car magazines by creating my own layouts in Comic Setter on my Amiga A500. Thus my lifelong love affair with translating information onto a page saw me train as a Print Designer.

Primarily from a marketing & print design background I liked the look of the World Wide Web and finally went online at the end of '98. Once back at college I initially experimented with video in Flash before transferring my skills into the interactive multimedia arena utilising Macromedia Director, prefering the greater technological freedoms over that of the web.

Fast-forward to 2005 and the uptake of Broadband, the wonderful work that has gone into web standards and CSS, the web now allows a much greater creative freedom to express creativity, ideas and brands to a much more extensive and switched-on audience.

Qualified to HND level in Multimedia and a BSc in Media Technology I now produce sumptuous online marketing strategies for discerning brands ;-j